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Taken from two Greek words: Spondylo meaning spine and Osis meaning pathological condition(diseased); Spondylosis is a medical condition that describes the vertebral joints’ general wear and tear that results in degeneration of the disks and joints. Simply put, spondylosis is the arthritis of the spine. There are 3 general types of spondylosis: • Cervical • Thoracic • Lumbar This classification is based on the section of the spine where the wear and tear occur. Are you currently dealing with any of these? • Pain or stiffness in your neck. • Anagging soreness in the neck. • Muscle spasms. • A clicking, popping or grinding sound when you move your neck. • Dizziness. • Headaches. • Tingly (prickling or stinging sensation) or numbness.; muscle weakness in the arms and legs, as well as trouble walking. • Pinched nerve, a painful condition in which a vertebra slips forward and onto the bone below it and squeezes a nerve. Can Rain products help you manage spondylosis? Definitely!!! Rain Bend is a blend of glucosamine sulfate, curcumin, flaxseed, levagen, black cumin seed oil and other ingredients. The synergy between these components protects and preserve joints health, ensure continued mobility, support the formation of cartilage, and either increase the cartilage and fluid surrounding joints or help prevent breakdown of these substances. Rain Soulsupports healthy jointfunction, reduces inflammation which is highly indicated in arthritis and osteoarthritis (281 times stronger for reducing inflammation than aspirin without side effects) and is a great pain reliever. If you are dealing with any type of spondylosis, the combination of Rain Souland Rain Bend will over time relieve you of the excruciating pain, provide proper lubrication for the entire spine and stall the wear and tear process.

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