My elderly brother woke up one morning in August 2019 and had symptoms of fever. He assumed it was malaria. After 2 days, his symptoms only got worse and we suddenly realised his feet was swelling. He went to the hospital and after examination, the doctor recommended an organ test for his kidneys and liver noticing his eyes were turning yellow. His results were shocking, both vital organs were damaged and it was referred to as an emergency. We started the journey to LUTH (University of Lagos Teaching Hospital). He was immediately admitted into the emergency ward and had to get dialysis that day. He had dialysis every other day and his condition only worsened as his blood levels dropped and he started losing weight. He was in LUTH for 2 months, getting worse. We thought he wouldn’t survive it. Our dear family friends (Ronke Okafor and Gbenga Diyaolu) had mentioned seed nutrition to us for years but we had never given it a thought. Gbenga visited him in hospital and said we need to get him on Rain supplements. He was convinced that the supplements would actually be more effective than constant dialysis which isn't a cure. My brother's blood leveldropped so much; he was no longer fit for dialysis. All hope was lost as we took him out of LUTH after several months. Upon getting home, Gbenga reminded us to take the chance with seed nutrition. We did. My brother took 1 sachet of Rain Soul and 1 sachet of Rain core 3 times daily(total of 6 daily). After the 1st week, he was back to the hospital to check his blood levels and body toxicity and probably be admitted back in hospital. The Doctor couldn't believe the results, his blood work didn't require admission anymore. He was told to return in another week, then 2 weeks, then 1 month. His results only got better. After being on seed nutrition for 3 months, he gained his weight back and his organs healed itself. Few weeks later, i joined seed nutrition and so did my brother. Seed nutrition works!
IjeomaEgwudo, Nigeria
Health Challenge: Testimonial on Kidney and Liver damage
I had terrible knee pains in my right knee due to an overstretched cartilage and of which arthritis had set in. This pain normally affected me more in the winter months, when the weather was damp and cold. It was painful to go upstairs or down stairs and carry anything heavy. Not ideal for someone in their early 50's. I had been taking glucosamine for my joint problems, but this didn’t seem to ease the pain in the winter. My knees used to swell up terribly if I danced for too long also. It began to affect my social life. I was introduced to SEED NUTRITION in May 2018 and began taking it as a supplement in the day, as that is when I felt the pain worse. After a week or so, I can't remember, when it was that the pain left me. I was walking upstairs with shopping in my hand and as I stepped very tenderly expecting pain, I noticed there was none. Not even a twinge. The supplement has been a regular part of my health regime ever since. I take it every day now as I would any vitamin.
Colette Morris United Kingdom
Health Challenge: Knee Pain / Arthritis
I have a cataract on one eye and glaucoma and have been taking one Soul a day for 6mths now. And I can honestly say my vision is 100% improved and the eye pressure is managed now. But the most amazing thing of all is that, normally with glaucoma it tends to make the whites of the eyeball a yellowish tinge, so much so, I could pick out people with the same condition as me. Also, with the glaucoma I used to have the tennis ball syndrome. Blackspots.spots. my vision ..but not anymore Since taking Soul, my eyeballs are a perfect white and clear colour. Which to me, proves that Soul has reached my brain and is affecting everything for the better.
Sandra Ann Pope
Health Challenge: Cataract & Glaucoma